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How to Sew Sleeves That Let You Move

So you want to make your own flamenco dress. Great! Unless you are making a sleeveless flamenco dress though you face a challenge: If you cut and sew your sleeves the same way you would for an ordinary dress lifting your arms either leads to the whole dress...
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How to Make Ruffles – a Quick Guide for Frill Seekers

Volantes (ruffles or frills) are an essential part of almost any flamenco dress. If you want to find out what types there are and how they are made read on. Love Ruffles? Prefer watching videos rather than read text and look at pics? Register for the next FREE...
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How to Sew a Flamenco Skirt – Making the Ruffles

Click to enlarge Not every flamenco skirt needs ruffles but ruffles can quickly turn an ordinary skirt into a flamenco skirt. This post is part of the tutorial How to Sew a Flamenco Skirt. If you haven’t already check out How to Sew a Flamenco Skirt...
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Sewing Circular Ruffles: How to Figure Out How Much Fabric You Need

If you have the pattern for a flamenco skirt with ruffles like the flamenco skirt pattern Carmen you’re all set. You know which pattern to use and how much fabric you need to make the ruffles. But what if you don’t want your ruffles this way? Perhaps...
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Anything you’d love me to cover? Just let me know.

What Does the Perfect Bata de Cola Look Like?

Now what does the perfect bata de cola look like? It is one of those questions that comes up all the time but doesn’t have an easy answer. It should be easy, really, and if you’ve taken a bata de cola class or had a chance to talk to a flamenco teacher...

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The Top 10 Tools I Use to Sew Flamenco Dance Costumes

There are lots of tools that I use to sew made to measure flamenco dance costumes on a daily basis. Below you’ll find the most important ones, the ones I couldn’t do without. If you’d like to know any other tools I use or if you are using one you think I should check...

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Batas de Cola – Made Anywhere in the World

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent pictures of their creations. I love seeing the flamenco costumes people make in all parts of the world using Flamenco Dressmaking patterns. Especially the batas de cola make me really proud. While making a bata de cola does not...

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How to Sew Ruffles on a Sleeve

Sleeves of flamenco dresses and tops often feature ruffles. They come in many shapes and sizes – single, double or triple, asymmetrical, circular, gathered, with adornments or without, on full or 3/4 length sleeves. There are also several ways to sew the ruffles...

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Coming Soon .. High Waist Trousers Pattern

flamenco trousersLove high waist trousers? Lots of people have been asking recently and I'm working on the pattern. If that's something you're interested in just click the button below and you'll be the first to know when it becomes available.

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Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Dressmaker for flamenco artists, passionate teacher and coach, dog lover, always learning something.

In 2004 I moved to Spain and started my own sewing business, specializing in made to measure flamenco dance costumes. The thing is I didn’t really know anything about flamenco dance costumes and found that there was no information online I could learn from.

I learnt over time and created this website so that you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself and can easily access everything you need to create beautiful, functional costumes that you are happy to show off in the dance studio or on stage.


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Coming Soon .. High Waist Trousers Pattern

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